Quick Snippets

A really quick overview of my day.

07/26/18: Did a bunch of static analysis on one microcorruption level. Still haven't figured it out yet. (curse you strcpy and length checks.)

07/23/18: Did some work on the patio and installed school on some computers.

07/23/18: Last couple days have been great. Finished a level of microcorruption ctf. Maybe I’ll finish another today.

07/18/18: Back home from camp. I got TSA precheck so going through security was quick. The weather here is so much nicer than at camp!

07/08/18: Church and other stuff. Boring day. Waking up early tomorrow. So, Yay!

07/07/18: Mowed some lawns. Read more of “The Count of Monte Christo”. Was a great day altogether.

07/06/18: Plane trip was successful. Lines at security were super short! Why do so many people still run WinXP?!?

07/05/18: First entry in my extremely tiny blog. Hopefully everything will work well from now on!