Quick Snippets

A really quick overview of my day.

08/28/18: Is Yandex a reliable mail service? (No) Sometimes it'll just outright reject some messages. :/ Also someone needs to set up an anonymous mail service that allows connecting over IMAP/SMTP.

08/26/18: Patio has since been finished. Need to find a cool new project to work on. (Also school. :))

08/21/18: Well... I kind of forgot to write didn't I? My activities involve mostly being bored right now/reading random books.

08/09/18: Did more work on the patio. (Almost done.) Drank some green tea and sat in the AC for a while.

08/07/18: More work on the patio. Drank some iced tea and did random stuff on the internet for a while.

08/05/18: Made some sushi yesterday. It turned out pretty good. Now to make real ramen. Mmm... tasty.

08/12/18: Mostly a meh day. Church and other stuff. Not anything exciting, or new to write about.

08/11/18: Don't know what I'll do today. Most likely I'll be doing random projects around the house I guess. Maybe setting up a mailing list or something.

08/15/18: Replaced my vim install with NeoVim. Made a mailing list for my friends. Drank some green tea. Also, I got some logins on the LCM VAX and PDP-11/70! :)

07/31/18: Setup rss2email today so I can read my RSS feeds pretty much anywhere. That's somewhat of a worthy accomplishment I guess.

07/30/18: Cleaning the gutters at my house and drinking cold tea. Mmmm... tasty.

07/29/18: I had to re-write the thing that I use to publish this... IMAP is such a pain.