Quick Snippets

A really quick overview of my day.

10/16/18: I made some Pho Bo. :) It was tasty. Also, the next Microcorruption level involves ASLR fun... *not*. W^X and ASLR will probably be coming soon. ROP chains here I come!

10/13/18: Finished the microcorruption level. :D Lo and behold it *was* a simple buffer overflow + some libc manipulation. I ended up hijacking free to return into my input and then execute the jump to the unlock subroutine.

10/11/18: Guess what? I upgraded to supporter! :D Now I can use my own domain finally, as well as support Neocities financially. Though it may be cheaper to just set up a cheap VPS in the long run I think this will be much better when it comes to administration headaches. PS if you were wondering what the new domain name actually means just look up 0x40 in your handy dandy ASCII table.

10/10/18: Just tried to do the last microcorruption level... Calls to malloc all over the place. :/ Guess I'll need to do some diagramming now. (Watch the solution turn out to be a simple buffer overflow. ;P) Meanwhile I've been doing some cooking. West African Peanut Soup With Chicken anyone?

10/08/18: Well... today was a day off so that was cool. Took the time to catch up on some school projects maybe later tonight I'll try some microcorruption.

10/06/18: Well. I’m back into the swing of things when it comes to school stuff. I think I’ll try to do some more Microcorruption levels in my spare time. Learning Java in CS I think *shudder*. When I have the time I’ll archive a page of these quotes and set up some sort of pagination.

09/30/18: Church today! I think I've hit a point in my page design that I'm going to keep for a while. My new "other stuff" pages are going to mostly be longer form writing/rants on things (maybe?) I'm not really sure what I'd like to do yet. One thing I need to improve for sure is my system for writing these posts. Right now it consists of an unholy combination of PowerShell, Python and smidge of Batch scripting.

09/22/18: Playing LAN Factorio is *THE* best ever. Reading: nothin' right now need to go to the library...

09/19/18: Now I have a decent start base in Factorio! Yeah! I'm spending way too much time playing this game already... Now I just need to get a nice automatic solar-panel system set up. Also, the yearly standard tests for school are coming 'round the corner. (Hope I'll score good!)

09/13/18: Mostly school today. I did end up buying Factorio off of GOG.com. So, I'll probably have a bit more log entries mentioning the game. :)

09/08/18: Well, I don't really know what to put here today so... Right now I'm reading The Long Earth series by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter. That and some other books. :) Next level in Microcorruption is another string format vulnerability so it should be pretty simple.

09/02/18: Finished a level on Microcorruption Yea! Took me forever to figure out how to exploit the string format vulnerability but I finally got it! The trick is in getting the top of the stack to point at your string. Once you've got that %n will do the rest of the work for you. ;)