Finals Drawing Near

Well, my 1-year adventure is almost over. The finals are drawing near and that Old Testament Survey quiz over the Kings of Judah and Israel is getting too close for comfort. It won’t be too long and I’ll be on a plane headed back home.

This blog is kind of sad in that it’s really missing out on so much content. I think I might enjoy something like this in video format. But, I don’t really do the whole “my face on the internet” thing very well.

Late in the Semester Review

From what I can tell there are 3-5 weeks of actual school left to complete! This means I should be heading back home over the summer. Now, is the time to line up that summer job.

So far, grades-wise I’ve been doing OK. Social-life is middling and physically I’m OK, just getting over a bout of bronchitis that my roommate gave me.

Spring break starts for us on the 29th! So, I plan to finish my last paper then and get a decent amount of work hours in as well.

Password Managers

Lastpass recently announced that they are going to limiting free accounts to one device type:

We’re making changes to how Free users access LastPass across device types. LastPass offers access across two device types – computers (including all browsers running on desktops and laptops) or mobiledevices (including mobile phones, smart watches, and tablets). Starting March 16th, 2021, LastPass Free will only include access on unlimited devices of one type.

This has created a rush of refugees fleeing from Laspass. So, I’m going to take advantage of this situation to plugrecommend my personal favorite open source password manager, KeePass.

KeePass is great, I use it to sync my personal password database through Apple iCloud between my iPhone and my Mac. It gives you even better security than Lastpass all at the price of… free. In fact, this is even better, KeePass doesn’t send your passwords “encrypted” across the internet to Lastpass servers! All the more reason to give KeePass a try.

If you don’t like me shilling for my pet password manager. At least give another one a try.

If you aren’t that familiar with technology, and you aren’t too sure about this whole password manager thing anymore (AKA your “techie” friend told you to use a password manager.) Keep using a password manager. Because, doing that is one of the best things for your online security stance!

What I did yesterday

We had college activity where we went to this family fun center. It was a lot of fun. The bus ride there was two hours long, but I had interesting conversations on the way there.

Most of my time there was spent tagging along with another guy. The activity was great. Most because of the all you can eat pizza and stuff.

I thought my parents were going to come out here on break. But, I guess that didn’t work out. All I have is a test in Baptist History and a Research Paper in Old Testament Survey.

Busy Week Update

Today it seems that I have a lot to do over the next couple of weeks. For one there is a test due in Old Testament survey that I built an Anki deck for. I think I may share that with my class-mates or something.

I’m taking PE this semester. My coach is great and wrestling is a lot of fun. I’m no good at it at all. But, it’s still a lot of fun. I’ve learned a few takedowns and a couple pins. My routine looks like 2 weight workouts+ 3 aerobic exercises a week.

The school has a Valentines day banquet. I’ve signed up for it but I am not really looking forward to it at all. Mostly because I have to sit at a larger table with tons of people and the whole setting and context of it is just awkward.

One of my friends found out that I “like” someone. Because he found out this bit of info, he’s decided that it’s his personal quest to figure out who the person that I “like” is. I’m sure it’s painfully obvious. All he has to do is just look hard enough.

I’m not sure whether or not I will stay for another 3 years. But, I know that whatever happens my time here has been great.


Written while on a trip back from Florida to school.

thousands of ugly blue-green seats in Orlando International Airport.

In front and behind an infinite hallway stretches towards the horizon. All along stand windows letting light flow and play over schools of people all gliding over the same blue-green carpet.

Much like the color of the ocean. The crowds of people swim by, each individual holding tightly to its bags.

Just swimming in this ugly blue-green sea. A few glide past with what seems to be purpose in their stride.

Every-one, wears a mask.

A regular drone comes through the speakers. The quality of the voice: rough. The message: the same. Every, time. It becomes so regular the thought of being at a beach or floating in a vast sea doesn’t seem so far-off after all.

It is nothing but a delusion that hides the roughness of reality.

I begin to wonder, “?”

“Am I like them?”


At this very moment I am in the terminal of the Orlando airport gate 57. People are walking past me wearing their masks. Except that one guy who has a cup of coffee.

This Week and Plans

I’m really only one week into the semester at my school. Lots of things are being added to my calendar at this point and I need to schedule availability with my work. Right now, I probably won’t have much to write about regularly here.

Most of my time this week has been spent doing things like…

  • Worrying about whether or not I will actually need that one textbook for that one class or not.
  • Being annoyed because the course syllabi do not follow a standardized format.
  • Being tardy to class because a professor teaches over time (I did kind of have something to do with the tardy part.)
  • Wondering when the package that my parents sent me will arrive.
  • Watching some recorded class lectures on my computer.
  • Adding lots and lots of new due dates to my calendar. (So I’ll remember when I need to get things done.)
  • Doing workouts for PE class.
  • and so on…

I think for the future I will attempt to write a regular weekly review. In this weekly review, I will write a post that summarizes the events of that week. As well as what I plan to accomplish the next week. The way that WordPress is set up makes me want to write things in a more long-form manner as well so, this will accomplish that.

This format and schedule will allow me to do a few things:

  • Make sure I post regularly.
  • Keeps post quality up.
  • Limit the amount of time I spend thinking about stuff to put here.


This one is going to be real short…

I am in the process of switching hosting providers and also celebrating Christmas. But, switching hosting providers is more important right?
… … no.

Anyways I’m going to save like a whole $5 a month by making this switch. Not to mention the whole two hours a month I’ll save because I won’t be spending that time fixing my continually broken email-posting system.

Instead I think I’ll take advantage of WordPress’s extremely convenient function that is basically identical to what I wrote my script to do. If only I knew these things before I decided to embark on the weeks long journey of reading docs for imaplib. It would have saved my poor eyes from ever having to see what IMAP looks like on the inside.

It doesn’t look pretty at all. In fact, it makes XML look pretty in comparison.

Anyways it’s getting quite late and I’m overly excited about Porkbun offering free hosting etc. etc.


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