A Collection Of Cool Websites

This page mainly serves as a place to collect websites from Neocities and other places on the web. Here you should be able to find cool blogs and other collections of websites.

Bellingcat does cool investigative journalism/OSINT reports. Really a joy to read and learn from.

Byte Cellar makes blog posts about old computer stuff.

The CIA might as well keep up with them right?

Daniel Lemire writes blog posts about assembly and computer science.

Drew DeVault blogs about things like SwayWM and various things within the Linux kernel and OSS world.

Mariteaux's website contains long rants and reviews of music. I go there mostly for the rants to be honest.

Hampton Moore writes blog posts about various interesting things he's done.

Joshua Stein makes posts about porting OpenBSD to varied hardware old and new.

Low-Tech Magazine writes interesting articles on energy conservation and usage.

Terence Eden writes blog posts about working for the UK government and other things.

The TSA has a blog but, I go there for the entertaining comments section.

Savestate is a webcomic by Tim Weeks. I've been following this one almost since it started!

Anipike has a microblog. She has cool pages about startrek and jpop. Also, I copied her style of microblog posts.

Two Bit History is a cool blog about various topics in computing history.