Quick Snippets

A really quick overview of my day.

11/24/18: No fixed pagination update yet because I'm lazy. BTW I don't understand why anyone still shops at physical stores on Black Friday. Let's just hope the trolls aren't so bad on Cyber Monday. ;)

11/19/18: I just found a really cool FF extension called Vim Vixen. Makes browsing the web so much faster. I think I may end up changing how pagination works. Because it kind of spams my updates with tons of file changes.

11/17/18: The latest early bird release of Thunderbird has been really glitching on me when it comes to RSS feeds. Every time I open a feed in my browser it will open two tabs... I can't tell you how annoying this is.

11/15/18: Pagination is here! Also, I've unlocked trains in my Factorio save. The next step will be setting up automatic coal transport schedules, so I don't have to have conveyor belts that are miles long.

11/12/18: Back to normal with school mostly. Spent some time on the weekend catching up on stuff. Going to try to get into some RE projects near the end of this month. Also, driving test. ;)

11/08/18: OK, I found the time. :P The site now has a full-text RSS feed YAY! It's really hacky rn though. Hopefully it will be less hacky in a while.

11/07/18: A bit behind when it comes to school. :/ So, I'll be posting a bit less than normal. My planned improvements will also be a bit delayed as well.

11/06/18: Writing a resume, and a CV too. Reading: I finished Dune, now I've started on Dune Messiah as of yesterday.

11/03/18: Went to a 3 day camp and played ping-pong for way too many hours in a row. I'm regretting that decision as of now.

10/31/18: Got a cheap mouse pad from my local cheap stuff store. Also I really want to build a gaming PC, but that requires money. Money requires a job, and I don't have one of those... *yet*. Maybe I'll get one soon(tm).

10/29/18: I've been reading Dune (on my new 2nd hand kindle) About 60% through the book so far. Sorry for the serious delay on RSS feeds. :/ I've been doing lots of little projects lately that aren't particularly fun.

10/20/18: No Microcorruption so far yet this week but, I have some other ideas for projects to do. Like setting up a full-text RSS feed for the site! :)