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12/20/20: The plan for this week is to watch a decent amount of videos on videography and shot composition. After I absorb this information I’m going to write a detailed list of steps that need to be followed by the people who manage my church’s live stream/audio rig. They got some new equipment but really… Continue reading Archive 1

Archive 2

11/27/20: Today was a combination of buying stuff for Christmas and completion of those little annoying projects. Once I get those done I don’t have to worry so much about stuff during finals. 🙂 11/25/20: I have time off from school basically this entire week. So, I’m going to get a few projects done hopefully… Continue reading Archive 2

Archive 3

11/11/20: My parents are here as well as all of my brothers and sisters. It’s super busy. 11/10/20: Yesterday was the first day of youth conference. Today is the day that the action really started. They have a preaching competition and a vocal solo and piano competition tomorrow. Because I’m in college I can’t participate… Continue reading Archive 3

Archive 4

10/23/20: I’m finishing some notes I have to write for a few video lectures. I did a little CSS and HTML work here. Also, I am going to go to dinner here soon. 10/20/20: Well… now that I’m “old”, I can work at places I couldn’t work at before. It really is a problem. If… Continue reading Archive 4

Archive 5

09/25/20: Here comes the wave of projects to complete. 09/23/20: Ice cream is good. Fast food jobs are not. 09/22/20: Well I made my command line interface to my diary thing nicer today. Also I’ve completed half of this semesters classwork for my CE class. *THAT FELT GOOD* 09/21/20: Yay. “I has job.” Also, “no… Continue reading Archive 5