This Week and Plans

I’m really only one week into the semester at my school. Lots of things are being added to my calendar at this point and I need to schedule availability with my work. Right now, I probably won’t have much to write about regularly here.

Most of my time this week has been spent doing things like…

  • Worrying about whether or not I will actually need that one textbook for that one class or not.
  • Being annoyed because the course syllabi do not follow a standardized format.
  • Being tardy to class because a professor teaches over time (I did kind of have something to do with the tardy part.)
  • Wondering when the package that my parents sent me will arrive.
  • Watching some recorded class lectures on my computer.
  • Adding lots and lots of new due dates to my calendar. (So I’ll remember when I need to get things done.)
  • Doing workouts for PE class.
  • and so on…

I think for the future I will attempt to write a regular weekly review. In this weekly review, I will write a post that summarizes the events of that week. As well as what I plan to accomplish the next week. The way that WordPress is set up makes me want to write things in a more long-form manner as well so, this will accomplish that.

This format and schedule will allow me to do a few things:

  • Make sure I post regularly.
  • Keeps post quality up.
  • Limit the amount of time I spend thinking about stuff to put here.

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