Busy Week Update

Today it seems that I have a lot to do over the next couple of weeks. For one there is a test due in Old Testament survey that I built an Anki deck for. I think I may share that with my class-mates or something.

I’m taking PE this semester. My coach is great and wrestling is a lot of fun. I’m no good at it at all. But, it’s still a lot of fun. I’ve learned a few takedowns and a couple pins. My routine looks like 2 weight workouts+ 3 aerobic exercises a week.

The school has a Valentines day banquet. I’ve signed up for it but I am not really looking forward to it at all. Mostly because I have to sit at a larger table with tons of people and the whole setting and context of it is just awkward.

One of my friends found out that I “like” someone. Because he found out this bit of info, he’s decided that it’s his personal quest to figure out who the person that I “like” is. I’m sure it’s painfully obvious. All he has to do is just look hard enough.

I’m not sure whether or not I will stay for another 3 years. But, I know that whatever happens my time here has been great.