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Archive 4

10/23/20: I’m finishing some notes I have to write for a few video lectures. I did a little CSS and HTML work here. Also, I am going to go to dinner here soon.

10/20/20: Well… now that I’m “old”, I can work at places I couldn’t work at before. It really is a problem. If you are more mature than you are “age-ed” then you can’t work where you want to.

10/17/20: I think I’m supposed to feel old now. That means I have to like old person things, like watches and clothes. 😛 The thing is, I have sort of switched over to those things already. I’m not really sure when the transition happened. If you haven’t seen it yet; I’ve added a few things to the “Other Links” page. I think I’ll make a section for product review and such-like.

10/14/20: Today is the first day of fall break for my school. Got a few projects done already in the early morning. Around 12ish I ate and then organized a few of my “storage shelves” mostly snacks and coffee. 😛 I love coffee, especially black coffee. Starbucks blonde Sumatran dark roast is real good stuff. (BTW I’m fairly certain I acquired Covid sometime last month… My sense of smell and taste is just not the same.)

10/13/20: Found two vulns in my schools systems (that sounds very ambiguous, I know…) so far. I think I am friends with the IT guy now. 😛 Also, Factorio!

10/10/20: It seems I have created a reputation for typing very fast in classes… 😛 (I typed a paper for one of my fellow freshmen in the 30 mins. prior to the class in which it was due. This also included running at top speed to the dorm to attempt to print said paper. I reached the dorm, only to find both toner and paper missing from the printer…
I spent so long trying to figure out what was wrong; That I just barely made it back to class in time.) TLDR: Don’t type other people’s papers for them. (It ends bad.)

The very long timeline actually wasn’t that bad. I invented some terrible “compression algorithm” so I don’t have to memorize that much information. Decompressing involves a lot of head-math.

10/06/20: Now, I think I actually have a job. After back and forth about one of my managers being in the hospital. I was “actually” “lost in the system”. What fun that whole mess was /s I am so glad all that excitement is over now. Hopefully I’ll get my first paycheck here in a bit. Also, I have to memorize a very long timeline. *ouch*

10/05/20: Well, I have no idea if it was something that I ate, but I was not feeling good tonight. Besides that I finished writing a paper this morning. 🙂

10/03/20: Well, you know that wave of projects? It’s here. Read through “The Devotional Life of the Sunday School Teacher” Yesterday evening. Today I am typing all of my notes out and editing them into something that will hopefully look like a 3 page report. Today I also had a nice long conversation with the IT person at my school (It sort of helps that I am on his bus route… I guess I lucked out there.)

09/27/20: Welp… today was quite busy. Also, I am sooo tired. I have church in a few hours, that will be nice. Also, I have quite a few projects due here soon. I think I may just work on them.

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