Archive 2

11/27/20: Today was a combination of buying stuff for Christmas and completion of those little annoying projects. Once I get those done I don’t have to worry so much about stuff during finals. 🙂

11/25/20: I have time off from school basically this entire week. So, I’m going to get a few projects done hopefully and not procrastinate. 😛 So, this is my last message out to the world of the internet before I go into book hibernation world.

11/24/20: Well, I let some of my “friends” play with Siri on my phone while I was wearing some bluetooth headphones. Long story short, my contact nickname has been changed to Batman now. So, when I write these entries I address all of my emails to Batman. 😛

11/22/20: Meh, I’m so bored.

11/21/20: All Saturdays while in school are visitation days. I need to call my old boss up and ask him if he would be OK with me working for him over Christmas break. Around the 16th of Dec. is when I get to fly back! Right now I’m doing some research for my Church History report due here soon. 🙂

11/20/20: Thanksgiving break is coming up soon. 🙂 It will be lots of fun to be with family for a while and get to eat some good food for once. 😛 I was so stressed about this one test yesterday. :/ Glad I took it and got it over with quickly. Now I just need to finish working on a few more projects. Before I know it, the semester will be over and I’ll be back home for Christmas.

11/18/20: Yesterday, I turned in a paper on the Archaeology of Jericho.
And I’m still on PTO until Friday.
But, today I’m reviewing for a “Church History” test. (Church History class basically about Baptist perpetuity)
The main goal for today is to research some more on the Roman Catholic Inquisition. (One major reason not to have a corrupt “Church” controlled government :P)

11/15/20: Today was random church stuff today. Had some sushi at a sushi restaurant nearby.

11/14/20: Certain topics will trigger a rant from me; here’s small list: Passwords, Business, Schoolwork, Public Schooling, COVID, “Unenforced” and unwritten rules. I pity the poor soul who triggered the one on business yesterday. I espoused the principle my mother taught me, “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.” It even rhymes so it makes it all the more memorable. 😛

11/13/20: This page badly needs SEO. But, I’m a little too lazy.

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