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12/20/20: The plan for this week is to watch a decent amount of videos on videography and shot composition. After I absorb this information I’m going to write a detailed list of steps that need to be followed by the people who manage my church’s live stream/audio rig. They got some new equipment but really don’t know how to use it very well, so it’s up to me to kind of learn how to use it the best way and sort of write a guide for them or something. 😛

12/17/20: If you really want to see the terrible backend code for this site here you are: I’m back home for now. So, I’m going to enjoy hanging out with my family for the next week or so.

12/16/20: I want to majorly push my YT channel and try to get a decent amount of subscribers. If you read this log regularly and would like to suggest a few niches that you think I could focus on shoot an email over to andrew(at-sign)(this domain name).com A few topics that I think I can do best at presenting are cubing, hacking, gaming, game-dev, and web-dev.

12/12/20: Today I just kind of did various chores that I needed to get done around the dorm. I also did some reading while I was bus visiting (Not much but I did get some done…) Soon I’ll be back home for Christmas break!

12/09/20: Finals are this week. I will probably become a hermit for the next seven days and not be super active anywhere at all. Which, I think is totally fine and acceptable. Yesterday was a group outing to a mall (it was both boring and interesting at the same time.) I’m entirely done with all of the papers for this semester.

12/04/20: Yesterday, I was explaining to someone how this back end worked. Hopefully, I will get some well needed sleep tomorrow. Today though, we have a quiz in one class and finals coming up next week.

12/03/20: This is an example post. Because there is a person watching me do it. IDK I’ll probably delete this later.

11/28/20: Talked to the “IT guy” again. Mostly about reversing a proprietary access control system. I really hope he gets back to me on this project. Would be a lot of fun to help with. I feel somewhat disappointed with the progress I made over the break. Only a few projects were completed…

11/27/20: Today was a combination of buying stuff for Christmas and completion of those little annoying projects. Once I get those done I don’t have to worry so much about stuff during finals. 🙂

11/25/20: I have time off from school basically this entire week. So, I’m going to get a few projects done hopefully and not procrastinate. 😛 So, this is my last message out to the world of the internet before I go into book hibernation world.

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