Quick Snippets

Where I ramble on for no reason at all.


This one is going to be real short…

I am in the process of switching hosting providers and also celebrating Christmas. But, switching hosting providers is more important right?
… … no.

Anyways I’m going to save like a whole $5 a month by making this switch. Not to mention the whole two hours a month I’ll save because I won’t be spending that time fixing my continually broken email-posting system.

Instead I think I’ll take advantage of WordPress’s extremely convenient function that is basically identical to what I wrote my script to do. If only I knew these things before I decided to embark on the weeks long journey of reading docs for imaplib. It would have saved my poor eyes from ever having to see what IMAP looks like on the inside.

It doesn’t look pretty at all. In fact, it makes XML look pretty in comparison.

Anyways it’s getting quite late and I’m overly excited about Porkbun offering free hosting etc. etc.


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