11/18/20: Yesterday, I turned in a paper on the Archaeology of Jericho. And I’m still on PTO until Friday. But, today I’m reviewing for a “Church History” test. (Church History class basically about Baptist perpetuity) The main goal for today is to research some more on the Roman Catholic Inquisition. (One major reason not to have a corrupt “Church" controlled government :P)

11/15/20: Today was random church stuff today. Had some sushi at a sushi restaurant nearby.

11/14/20: Certain topics will trigger a rant from me; here's small list: Passwords, Business, Schoolwork, Public Schooling, COVID, “Unenforced” and unwritten rules. I pity the poor soul who triggered the one on business yesterday. I espoused the principle my mother taught me, “If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean.” It even rhymes so it makes it all the more memorable. :P

11/13/20: This page badly needs SEO. But, I’m a little too lazy.

11/11/20: My parents are here as well as all of my brothers and sisters. It’s super busy.

11/10/20: Yesterday was the first day of youth conference. Today is the day that the action really started. They have a preaching competition and a vocal solo and piano competition tomorrow. Because I’m in college I can’t participate sadly. (Not like I’d participate anyways) my siblings are competing. So, it will be fun to see how they do. Sent from my iPhone

11/08/20: I live almost entirely in a world of logic and ideas. I find beauty in complex systems and how they intertwine. The last two months have shown me that emotion, no matter how much I have ignored it, is the most amazingly complex system ever.

11/07/20: Today was visitation day! Monday, my family should be here! :)

11/06/20: Today I was in my ministry class. My teacher, who likes to sound tough, brought in an extra bag with his class folder. My first thought was, “That’s somewhat suspicious.” Thirty minutes into the class, my teacher just starts throwing candy at people. The expression on his face was deadpan almost the entire time which made it even more absurd and funny, all at the same time. My new dorm-chore/job is to clean the toilets… We’ll soon see how much sleep I get this month. Needless to say, this next week is going to be a real test of my sanity.

11/05/20: Research for my paper is going swimmingly. I really do need better explanations for all of my eccentricities. Especially the ones that have to do with technology. E.g. why I don’t have FB, IG or Snap. (I originally didn’t because of parental restrictions. But, now I really want to stick with it for spiritual and time management reasons.)… work has been much nicer in the last few weeks. (Getting paid helps.)