Quick Snippets

A really quick overview of my day.

09/27/20: Welp… today was quite busy. Also, I am sooo tired. I have church in a few hours, that will be nice. Also, I have quite a few projects due here soon. I think I may just work on them.

09/25/20: Here comes the wave of projects to complete.

09/23/20: Ice cream is good. Fast food jobs are not.

09/22/20: Well I made my command line interface to my diary thing nicer today. Also I’ve completed half of this semesters classwork for my CE class. *THAT FELT GOOD*

09/21/20: Yay. "I has job.” Also, “no has pagination.” :( Will “has” soon. Very busy studying for OT I survey class. O, the many ways in which I do not like geography.

09/20/20: The plan this week is to get ahead and complete most of my out of class work for one class.

09/17/20: I’m going to a funeral tomorrow.

09/16/20: Another entry, another day. Pagination will make its eventual terrible comeback. I really need to use some sort of XML, HTML template engine. Today is a day off from classes. So, I’m using all of that sweet time to write this, and study for my classes. Also, I might just take a nap.

09/15/20: I will try NOT to use this log as a place for political tryrades. (It would be funny if I turned this entry into a political rant…) Anyways, today I have a decent class-load. Half the time I’m going to be studying though. *insert long story* TLDR: I quit a lot of my jobs I had back home, so now I’m seeking employment.

09/14/20: These first few posts are probably going to be more tests than actual posts so excuse them. I guess I’ll tell you what I’ve done to the backend anyways. So now, the backend has an SQLite DB that “hodl”s all my posts for me.

09/13/20: This is my first entry back from the dead. The backend is new because of reasons we shall not discuss. Anyways I’m in college now and everything is really busy.